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With standard low cost openers from Deere, Ausherman and Yetter......
Shallow 2.5" placement on deep to six inches....

It is so simple...place low cost NH3 at ground speeds up to 12 MPH......

Everything rolls so residue loads are no problem with very little soil disturbance......

   No opener freezing

A unique injection nozzle designed by EXACTRIX controls the stream flow in the first critical 2 inches of injection.

The nozzle can be located above or below the ground line.

   High port to port accuracy results in improved crop yields.

Less horsepower required for true no-till results.

10-34-0 injection tubes can be mounted with NH3 injection nozzle with no freezing of the phosphate.

Get maximum triple shooting results with deep bands of tri ammonium phosphate.

"Quality is always remembered well after price is forgotten."
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